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When it comes to patios and driveways, it's all about compaction! Proper compaction keeps the patio from settling unevenly, and prevents rutting on driveways caused by vehicle tires. Why don't all contractors use the right size compactor? It's simply a matter of cost. The compactor to the left retails for $1,700, the compactor to the right retails for $12,000


This is an Image of the compactor that we use, which delivers a tremendous 12,500 pounds of centrifugal force.

 Our stone walls stand the test of time. We offer construction with virtually any material in the industry.


 We offer patios of all kinds. From traditional brick, to interlocking pavers, blue stone, travertine, flagstone and more.

This image shows what you typically see being used by contractors to compact their base material. This is a standard compactor capable of delivering 2,000 pounds of centrifugal force.

Hardscape is the term used for the portion of the landscape that includes masonry, retaining walls, patios, walkways, outdoor kitchens, outdoor living rooms and much more.

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 From outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pools and pizza ovens. We can design and build the yard of your dreams.