Now it's ready for generations of great use!

Framing the structure with cutouts for doors and grilling units. The math has to be right on point.

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 There's quite a bit that goes into designing and building an outdoor kitchen or living room. Plumbing (both gas and water) and electrical have to be carefully planned and collaborated throughout the process, and there are state and local codes that must be followed. Hardware, grills, lighting and pergolas are all intergraded into the structure and will influence the design. We have an excellent network of plumbers and electricians, and carefully coordinate the entire process for you to make sure things are done right.      

Installing the backsplash and making the counter cutouts for the grills

Now you can see the pizza oven taking form, and the veneer is on it's way.

Outdoor living is becoming without a doubt the hottest trend in home improvement, and Stone Ridge has been leading the way with creative designs and high quality projects!‚Äč

Here it is, ready for friends, family and great food!

Here you see the construction of the massive support base for an outdoor pizza oven.

Outdoor Living

Here you can see the framing for the base of the kitchen. The electrical, cable TV, water and drainage have all been installed and the concrete pad is ready to be poured.

Hoisting the 700 lb. granite counter tops into position.